Hexla was founded to drive the global energy transition to clean hydrogen.

In 2010, two scientists won the Nobel Prize for successfully isolating graphene. Since then the world has been talking about the potential of this 2D material to transform the energy sector. Yet no one has found a way to produce large, consistent amounts of high quality graphene before.

Our work with climate tech startups is changing that. We support all types of early stage businesses to bring their next-gen energy tech to market, in order to propel the world’s clean energy transition forwards.

Our Vision

Our Vision - Hexla

Climate tech with a difference

Alternative fuels, super storage, unparalleled reliability… Hexla supports technologies that disrupt, improve or replace existing energy processes to benefit humanity.

Transformational technologies

With the right political will we can help early stage businesses to deploy transformational technologies to accelerate the path to Net Zero.

The road to commercialisation

With expertise in bringing next-gen technologies to market for widespread use, Hexla assists startups with integration and adoption into relevant fields.

Technology We Support

Levidian Tech

Levidian Nanosystems Limited is on a mission to “decarbonise the world’s most carbon-intensive industries” using its game changing LOOP technology.

We are excited to support Levidian in bringing their innovative tech to market, by offering financial backing, sector specific expertise and high level business acumen. As early adopters we’re helping Levidian to demonstrate just how transformative Net Zero technologies can be – and how quickly they can make a measurable impact.

LOOP technology

LOOP is a pioneering pre-combustion decarbonisation system, hydrogen production system, and high value carbon material generator all in one.

It captures the carbon, pre-combustion, from methane gas and turns it into clean hydrogen (to be used as a fuel alternative or blended back into gas streams) and high-quality graphene (for use as an additive to enhance and decarbonise products).

Who We Are

Working with early stage businesses to bring climate tech to market.

How do we make hydrogen the world’s fuel of choice? That was the question which steered Andy down a pathway to find the best way to produce it reliably, and at scale. He discovered Cambridge Nanosystems Limited (now Levidian) had a pioneering way of creating graphene from methane, whilst producing a huge amount of hydrogen as a by-product…

But what started as a clean hydrogen project with Levidian, soon turned into a business with a greater mission; Andy had identified a need within the energy sector to help nurture and assist early stage businesses to bring their next-gen tech products to market. He partnered with Peter Behrens, an experienced entrepreneur, to found Hexla, a company built to help innovative tech startups scale, and in doing so, drive widespread adoption of game-changing global technologies.

Peter Behrens, Co-founder, Hexla

Peter Behrens


Andy Yeow, Co-founder, Hexla

Andy Yeow


Non-Executive Directors

Backed by a board of non-executive directors, Hexla combines a wealth of corporate experience, sector specific expertise, and financial support, to get the most innovative climate technologies to market.

Sanjay Sharma

Non-executive Director

Antony Green

Non-executive Director

Peter Longman

Non-executive Director

Martyn Wilford

Non-executive Director